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Breakfast Talk with Centre of Excellence for International Governance and Dialogue and the Centre of Excellence for Management and Society

The Urgency of Reconciling Business and Ethics: How to Deal with Tensions Encountered in the Field

Friday, 8 May 2014
8:30 - 10:00am

The business world is currently undergoing a paradigm shift: companies are being asked to collaborate with governments, civil societies and academics to tackle global issues such as climate change, energy efficiency, access to health, poverty reduction, human rights, and so on. Such challenges need to be urgently addressed by the business community, raising the issue of reconciling business and ethics. 

The challenges for companies to manage such responsibilities are numerous. Research conducted by ESSEC with oil companies in the Niger Delta, consumer goods industry in Indonesia and Mexico, and water access and tyre companies in India showed that companies all share a need to address the challenges of responsibility in a more systematic and operational manner. Tensions encountered in the field between business and ethics are complex to manage; they are a source of questioning, research and potential innovation. 

To address these questions, sharing of thoughts and discussion of varied viewpoints are essential. The breakfast talk will offer a panel of short presentations providing different approaches, analysis and business cases, and will include an interactive discussion with the audience. 

Guest-of-Honour | Dr. Liu Thai Ker, Director, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers
Prof. Aurélien COLSON PhD MBA, Associate Professor of Political Science at ESSEC Business School, and Director of the Centre of Excellence 
IRENÉ - International Governance & Dialogue
Mr. Hervé Bourdais is Senior Coordinator of the CODEV Research Programme
Ms. Sama Taneja, Ecosystem Development Manager Asia, Danone

                                                              Prof Reetika Gupta
, Associate Professor of Marketing